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Pitchcraft – 4 Magic Elements of an Elevator Pitch

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. And you only have 30 to 60 seconds – about the length of a ride in an elevator, hence, “elevator pitch” – to communicate who you are and what value you bring. What are you going to say?

  •  Who are you? (Your name and your company’s name)
  •  What do you offer that is of real value to your target audience? (Your “Value Proposition” or your “Unique Selling Proposition” or even “your tag line.”)
  • Why are you and your company the right choice?
  • How can the listener help you – or you help them? What is your goal in simple, realistic and quantified terms?
  • Your pitch must have all four elements, yet be succinct.
  • Once you’ve written and edited your pitch, practice it out loud in front of a mirror (if you can stand it) until you have a polished pitch.
  • Time yourself. (You should be able to say it easily, while making eye contact with your listener(s)).


My pitch: I am Wyn Lydecker, owner of Upstart Business Planning. I craft business plans that answer the questions investors, lenders and customers ask most often. While investors typically fund only 1% of business plans, 60% of the plans I’ve done have raised some sort of funding – ranging from $35,000 in debt to $10 million in equity. I work with inventors or entrepreneurs who need an expansion or start-up plan.


Email: upstartwyn@gmail.com; Website: UpstartBusinessPlanning.com; Blog: upstartwyn.com; Facebook: facebook.com/upstartbusinessplanning; Twitter: @upstartwyn


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8 Basic Marketing Questions

Eight Essential Marketing Questions.

  •  What are your invention’s, product’s or service’s main benefits?
  • What features deliver those benefits?
  • What needs do those benefits fillWhat is your marketing engine??
  • Who needs your invention, product or service?
  • Where and how will you sell it?
  • What will you charge?
  • What barriers to sales do you face? – Competition? Cost? Manufacturing? Changing consumer habits?
  • How do you get the word out?