Wyn Lydecker

Business Owner, Writer, Author


Wyn is the co-author of Wyn Lydecker Author Photo.07.11.2016a new book on entrepreneurship, The Purpose Is Profit: The Truth about Starting and Building Your Own Business, with Ed McLaughlin and Paul McLaughlin. 

Here’s a little bit about the book:

It took Ed years of struggling to come up with the right business to start before he took the leap from his high-level corporate position into the life of an entrepreneur. McLaughlin bootstrapped his new company, United Systems Integrators Corporation (USI), into an Inc. 500 company and later sold it to a Fortune 100 corporation.  (FYI, I nominated him for E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and he won).

Each chapter combines a portion of Ed’s entrepreneurial journey with the tools and processes aspiring entrepreneurs need to launch a successful business—including:

  • Why distinctive competence trumps passion in selecting the business to build
  • Where and when to get funding without losing control
  • How to build an entrepreneurial brand that lasts
  • Why profit should be factored into every business decision
  • How ethical behavior breeds trust and unlocks profit

As a special feature, the appendix includes two essential manuals: The Startup Roadmap and The Startup Funding Guide.

You get a story and the tools you need all in one. The Purpose is Profit was the #1 New Release on Amazon in the New Business Enterprise category. A columnist for Entrepreneur.com said, “Here’s a book every entrepreneur needs to read.” Get Abstract gave The Purpose Is Profit a 9 out of 10 rating.

Order the book from Amazon or from your favorite bookseller.


Here’s how Wyn can work with you: 

  1. Consult on your business plan to ensure that it answers the questions investors ask most often.
  2. Craft or edit your plan or pitch.
  3. Plan and execute entrepreneurial marketing plans.
  4. Advise on Social Media.

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs and small business owners for over 25 years and have loved every minute. I’ve also been a freelance writer for 30+ years.

Follow me on Twitter at @Upstartwyn and Facebook at www.facebook.com/upstartbusinessplanning.

Learn more about my approach to business planning at www.upstartbusinessplanning.com.

See “Experience to learn more about her business experience and a list of clients.

Contact Wyn at upstartwyn@gmail.com.

Photo “Skate City” by Drew Lydecker (c) 2009

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